Selection of the most suitable hardwood for a particular job requires expertise and knowledge. T Brewer’s have vast experience in the choice, suitability, grade and profile of hardwoods for internal and external applications. By working with customers from an early stage, savings in material cost, wastage and site fixing time can be made whilst ensuring that a high quality product is delivered, on time.

Durability for exterior timbers is very important, while colour and texture may not be critical. Internal joinery usually requires a higher level of selection for colour, grain, pattern, texture and finish, so that the natural beauty of the hardwood comes through in the final product. T Brewer’s have a modern milling facility, equipped with the latest cutter grinding machinery, so that accurate patterns can be produced consistently.

T Brewer’s template cutter, which uses Auto-Cad technology, ensures that templates are produced to pinpoint accuracy. From there, with the use of the latest grinding machinery the mouldings are produced. This gives T Brewer’s the ability to produce bespoke mouldings, to exact detail, from either existing samples or Architects drawings in whatever species the customer requires.

T.Brewer’s are constantly increasing their capacity so that they are able to offer a wider range of services from their mill. The latest addition is a CNC machine which is able to carry out a wide range of applications, from Tongued & Grooved sheets materials, to routing out door linings, and sheet cutting to intricate Patrices